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Sarah Blais - Real Colors®. Certified Facilitator

Real Colors® is a unique four color personality assessment and workshop designed to be positive, entertaining and user-friendly.

The four color personality assessment is based on the premise that you can take left-brain (linear) information, and turn it into an exciting, interactive right-brain experience.   You will leave this enjoyable 3 hour assessment and workshop with personal insights into your own temperament and communication tools that you can apply in your own life and relationships - at work and home.  

Imagine having the ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas to clients, friends and family. Picture yourself having a unique level of insight into the things that motivate you and others.


Envision achieving all the things you want from life, both personally and professionally.

You see, the power to accomplish these things exists in all of us – we just have to unlock it.

The key is Real Colors®. Real Colors is simple to use, and can easily be incorporated into all aspects of your personal and professional life. Through Real Colors, you’ll gain a completely new perspective on yourself and the things that are most important to you.

As you learn more about the colors, you’ll instinctively recognize characteristics of people you know, and their color.

Real Colors gives you valuable insight into what is most important to them, why they may react to situations differently than others, and how you can best communicate with them.  

This knowledge gives you the tools to succeed in all areas of your life. That’s the power of Real Colors.

 Individuals $150,  Same household Couple $250.   For Groups (1/2 or full days) please contact me for more information.

Testimonials:  “My RealColors assessment with Sarah was nothing short of life-changing! I believe that Sarah possesses an unparalleled ability to truly see people for all of their special and unique qualities.. a rare talent! The results of my assessment have helped me to view the world and how I fit into it in an entirely new way, understand how my communication styles differ from those with other predominant colors, and more vividly and creatively imagine a plan for the next 5 years of my life. Highly recommended for introspective folks seeking self-improvement!” - Walker

Armed with understanding your own true colors and of others you learn how to cut to the chase with effective communication. Incredible. I wish I had learned this in Kindergarten. I would have saved myself a ton of wasted time and misunderstandings!  It gives an amazing and eye-popping revelation for a succinct understanding as to how you think and interpret your world and others.  Thank you Sarah for this life-changing gift! Just because Real Colors system is such fun does not mean it is shallow. Au contraire! My previous experience with behavioral pattern testing is long sets of multiple choice questions. This examination-type approach leads to a more intellectual response, where the mind instinctively answers in a way that might seem more socially acceptable. Instead, the True Color method takes us on a lightning quick journey into the depths of the psyche of the authentic self before we realize what is happening. To a place where there is no thought, but only feeling: “this rings true” / “this is me” versus “this feels wrong”. You just intuitively know the answers and as a result reveal the truth of your personality type without over analyzing or second guessing - Nigel Staton

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