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Sarah has been personally recommended and referred by Doctors, Educational Psychologists, Family Court Workers, Family Therapists, Counselors, Head Teachers, Nursery Owners and many other professionals.   Parents and Children also give her glowing testimonials.   A sample of some of these testimonials are given below.
I was at the stage where I had tried everything with my daughter but she remained sullen & angry.  It was affecting the whole family.  I wondered if she had a behavioral problem and talked to my Doctor.  My Doctor recommended Sarah at Positive Families.  We learned new ways to handle our daughter.  It was amazing how she responded.  Sarah's approach helped us communicate more effectively.  From helping her talk about her feelings to encouraging her co-operation, the workshops gave me a new set of skills and a MUCH HAPPIER child.  Everyone comments on the difference it has made".  (Helen, Mother of 2 daughters, aged 9 & 11).
All the feedback I got (from Foster Parents / Foster Staff) was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone I talked to felt they benefited from and took something away from the workshop. People liked the role plays, and trying to see things from a child’s perspective was helpful. The participation/conversation was also cited as something they enjoyed- it wasn’t a lecture! Thank you so much for your time and work that you put into bringing this workshop to us, you are most appreciated!  Tashina, CPA Case Manager/Training Coordinator, Savio House 


The parenting course was well presented, relevant and helpful.  Parents reported feeling more able to support their children's personal, social and emotional development.  Parents expressed that their relationships with their children were enhanced.  I commend Sarah to anyone.  (Ron Morton, Headmaster, British Embassy School, Greece).
What a difference 10 hours can make to a family.  This work has helped our family tremendously.  It has also brought huge benefits to my teaching role at school.   (Ruth, Mother & Teacher).
Better Communication.  Less Friction.  Less Shouting & Fighting at home.  Confidence Building.  We are Happier.  Thank You Sarah. (Maher, Father).
On top of her strong knowledge and experience in the field of psychology and support to others, Sarah makes the difference with a real talent for human interactions and conflict resolution. I have never seen anyone so positive and compassionate, with a genuine interest and empathy in others, true tolerance to diversity, and a deep understanding of human nature and psychology.  Sarah is fun, loving and affectionate with children, always full of genuine positive and bright energy. I highly recommend Sarah.  (Benedicte Brouder, Middle School Director).
"An invaluable service - supporting families and couples develop harmony at home and healthy family communication and relationships".  Jan Slater, Family Therapist
We met Sarah in 2014 when she became our daughter’s English teacher.  At that time, our daughter, was the only dyslexic student in a mainstream classroom.  Sarah encouraged and supported her academically, and also talked with her about her occasional emotional and social frustrations about learning differently than her peers.  Our daughter always walked away feeling understood, cared for and valued.  She also learned a great deal in English class, despite the fact that she initially did not like or understand grammar.  Our daughter said, in effect, that Sarah’s enthusiastic and engaging teaching style made it fun, so she paid attention and finally “got it”.  To this day, she considers Sarah her all-time favorite teacher, and English her strongest subject.  (Abby, Mother)
Armed with understanding your own true colors and of others you learn how to cut to the chase with effective communication. Incredible. I wish I had learned this in Kindergarten. I would have saved myself a ton of wasted time and misunderstandings!  It gives an amazing and eye-popping revelation for a succinct understanding as to how you think and interpret your world and others.  Thank you Sarah for this life-changing gift! Just because Real Colors system is such fun does not mean it is shallow. Au contraire! My previous experience with behavioral pattern testing is long sets of multiple choice questions. This examination-type approach leads to a more intellectual response, where the mind instinctively answers in a way that might seem more socially acceptable. Instead, the True Color method takes us on a lightning quick journey into the depths of the psyche of the authentic self before we realize what is happening. To a place where there is no thought, but only feeling: “this rings true” / “this is me” versus “this feels wrong”. You just intuitively know the answers and as a result reveal the truth of your personality type without over analyzing or second guessing.  Nigel Staton

I feel so much more relaxed and confident around my son, our relationship is going from strength to strength.  (Kevin, Father)  
I am no longer 'in the dark' about how to deal with certain problem areas. (Maria, Mother).
I am happier and enjoy my job more - and the children now enjoy me more too!  (Jade, Live-in Nanny)
Real Colors:  “My RealColors assessment with Sarah was nothing short of life-changing! I believe that Sarah possesses an unparalleled ability to truly see people for all of their special and unique qualities.. a rare talent! The results of my assessment have helped me to view the world and how I fit into it in an entirely new way, understand how my communication styles differ from those with other predominant colors, and more vividly and creatively imagine a plan for the next 5 years of my life. Highly recommended for introspective folks seeking self-improvement!”
- Walker
"I would recommend Sarah to anyone.  Our Youth Motivation Group is situated in a deprived area of Manchester, UK.  We face challenging behavior from young people aged 8-18yrs on a daily basis.  Sarah engaged with this hard to reach group for almost two years & she enhanced the lives and group experience of the young people". (Margret Smith, Community Center Manager).
I react more positively now and feel so much calmer overall.  (Fofi, Mother).
If you wish to improve communication with your children, build their confidence, make them better judges of themselves and others, and improve your family life….. this is the first step.  (Maher, Father)
This workshop was so helpful, for me and the children.  I really enjoyed the experience.  (Jade, Nanny)
Without a doubt, going along to this series of workshops has helped improve my parenting skills & given me a few surprise bonusses too!  This work has had quite an effect on all my relationships - family, friends, and colleagues.  Quite incredible really! (Kevin, Father)
I feel much more confident as a parent now. (Stella, Mother)
Now we are having a LOT more FUN together!  (Kevin, Father).
Sarah has a high level of integrity and respect.  In the classroom I saw this translate into the class’ good behavior as a whole and the kids kind treatment of each other.  When there was conflict, Sarah pinpointed the problem, addressed it with words and consequences the kids understood, and allowed anyone behaving badly to learn the lesson while preserving their dignity.  She never embarrassed or shamed them, so the kids seemed to learn the lessons and move on easily.   In short, Sarah is a genuinely caring, intelligent person who loves to help children thrive.  (Abby, Mother).
My name is Jade, I am 14.  When I went through a bad time Sarah was always there for me, she helped me find ways to cope with feeling down.  We looked at my problems together and figured out which ones I could tackle & put behind me.  (Jade, 14).
The skills that you learn apply to children, family, friends, colleagues and strangers. It makes us better people. Thank you (Maher, Father)
The workshop content made a lot of things clearer in my mind.  (Evie, Mother).
Our time together seems to becoming more and more without strain.  There are fewer struggles.  (Bruce, Father).
We still have our moments, but when they happen, I am more aware and better equpped to handle them.  (Charlie, Father).
Sarah has been helpful and caring in many situations.  When we have felt upset and lonely, she has always been there to talk to.  She has stuck by us, we trust her and count on her being there for us.  Sarah has made a huge impact on us and she will be missed loads by everyone.  (Jade, 14;  Nikita, 13;  Jordan, 13 [male];  Chloe, 12).
I particularly enjoyed the experiential nature of the work with Sarah.  Picking up a lot of good ideas and learning new skills for everyday issues and problem solving.   I have established better boundaries between us.  He is becoming more resourceful.  We work better as a team.  He is no longer reluctant to tell me about his day nor what he and his friends get up to, which has ended a particular frustration of mine, as a Father who doesn't have much time with his son. (Kevin, Father).
The best thing for me was being able to talk, in depth, about the children’s behavior – good and bad – without feeling I was boring people to tears!   That was a tonic.   I have definitely noticed a positive difference in all of my children's behaviour  (Lucy, Mother of 3 aged 7, 10 & 12).
We are all working together as a family more now.  (Helen & Grant, Mother & Father)
The skills I learned have proven to be a really effective way of diffusing children's tempers (Susan, Mother of 3).
We are definitely happier, less (though still some) shouting, NO Smacking!  The workshops have helped me be more relaxed around my children.  (Charlie, Father of 3 children aged 8, 5 and 2).
"I found Sarah to be intelligent, enthusiastic & gifted.  She deeply understands the huge benefits of emotional intelligence in children.  She ran a course for parents here in our Kindergarten and it was very positively received.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone".   (Susan, Kindergarten Principal)
I am getting a positive response now, from my 26 year old daughter with whom I have had a difficult relationship over the years.  I am now also closer to my grand-children.  (Grandmother).
Winners all persons!   Amazing!  (Kevin, Father)
I am so much more aware now, this course has given me direction, coping strategies and strengthened my relationships (Linda, Mother of 3 aged 6, 7 & 12)
These sessions show you how to put skills into action, straight away.  They are realistic and user friendly (Helen, mother of 2 girls aged 9 & 11).
We have more communication and understanding between us and better behavior as a result (Helen, Mother of 2 girls aged 11 & 9).
My daughter actually tries to talk now, about how she feels.  Before, she would just ‘clam up’ and be moody for hours.  Now she has the ability to ‘move on’ after an uncomfortable discussion, rather than sulk for hours (Helen, mother of 2 girls, 11 & 9).
Our time together as a family is much better.  We can enjoy it more without my daughter’s behavior dominating the whole day.  There are still ‘moments’ but they are more easily diffused.
As parents we now feel we have more authority, we feel more skilled and capable to handle things (Helen & Grant, mum and step-dad to 2 girls, 11 & 9).
I feel more effective as a parent.  I have more energy to deal with bad situations, due to them being less frequent (Grant, step-dad to 2 girls).
As a ‘step-parent’ I have seen my relationship with all four ‘personalities’ improve.  We now all have a better understanding of each other (Joanna, Step-mum to 4).
These sessions gave me a set of guideposts and tools for more effective communication, with my children.  I really enjoyed interacting with the other parents.  (Lyndon, father of 4 aged 7, 9, 11 & 13)
The best thing for me was meeting other parents and realizing I am not alone; the positive ideas and affirmation from Sarah and the ‘no blame’ approach.  (Cath, mother of 2, aged 8 & 10).
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found the information very interesting and useful.  It was very appropriate to my organisation’s aims and objectives, in our community support work and my role of assisting parents who found themselves in the court system. (Dean, Community Support Worker).
I can't believe the difference Sarah's tips and approach have made. Kevin,   Father
The course was thoroughly enjoyable and very beneficial (Dean, Community Support Worker)
This course allowed me to develop skills and transfer them to my role as a Support Co-ordinator.  I came into the course towards the end and sadly, I missed a significant amount – I wish I hadn’t!  (Steve, Community Support Worker).
The skills we learned were really useful, I will be able to apply them in my work, supporting vulnerable parents and individuals (Caroline, Community Support Worker)
I found the course really worthwhile – I will always remember it (Vickie, Community Support Co-ordinator)
I now have a different approach to the way I deal with situations I face, in my day to day work.  I am more able to carry out my role now (Vickie, Community Support Co-ordinator).
This course has helped me work with families in my role as a Family Supporter in a Community Charity Organization (Louise, Family Support, Community Projects).
"I feel so much closer to my children now".  Stefanos, Father.
"I'm enjoying a calmer atmosphere at home & wish I'd had this information when my first child was born!" Sue, Mother & Teacher.
My child was behind in Reading, but became the best reader in her class within 4 months, with Sarah's helpful 'learning' skills training. Tracy, Mother.
The children are getting along so much better and we have been able to step back from refereeing of their 'disagreements'.  They now have ways to resolve most issues calmly by themselves.  Phew!  Steve, Father.
"I found the course very enlightening.  I now listen to and know my child more" Avril, Mother & Teacher.
"Sarah's delivery was exceptional.  She was at once understanding, believable and supportive.  Her own experience came across in a really helpful way".  Ruth, Mother & Teacher.
"A very positive approach - with amazing outcomes". (Kellie, Nanny)
"The choice of reading, watching, role play and discussing kept my attention and interest".  (Jade, Nanny)
"My relationship with both boys feels a lot stronger and closer now.  They now want to talk to me and ask me questions more".  (Kellie, Nanny)
"Sarah's communication with children and parents is exceptional, as are her relationship skills with young people. She has shown great ability to adapt to different individuals & has been the choice of many young people, who have needed someone to trust and turn to.  It's been a privilege to work with Sarah".  (Youth Motivation Project Manager).
It is great to find that there are better ways to make your children happy and responsible people.  Meropi, Mother.
Thank you for all your help.  I feel so lucky I was able to attend the workshops.  Keep up the good work!  Maria, Mother.
Sarah is a great co-ordinator.  This work is important for parents as well as teachers.  It helps communication - all aspects of it.  Sharing experiences and the time for information was extremely helpful.  Stefanos, Father.
This workshop made me take a step back.  It has made me think and behave differently towards my children.  I now listen to them and acknowledge their feelings.  We are closer.  Thank You!   Fiona, Mother.
We have re-established contact with our children, without sacrificing our role of providing a disciplined environment (Bahai Group Leader and Mother).
Within just 3 sessions over 3 weeks, I felt I knew and understood my child much more.   (Mother & School Volunteer, M.L.)
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