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Sarah Blais is a highly experienced, 

respectful and caring Parent Coach. 


"I am passionate about sharing additional skills that enhance social emotional learning, improve relationships and optimize behavior.  I'm honored to have served so many individuals, families and professionals.  It is deeply fulfilling to me, to empower and support others to communicate in ways that deepen connections and achieve their goals and fullest potentials".


Foundations:   Sarah's foundation of extensive practical skills in relating to children and guiding behavior were initially laid while working as a highly respected British 'Super Nanny' in the 1980's-1990's.   Sarah lived and worked with many VIP and Royal Families, caring for families of up to 6 children, internationally.    
Experience:   Over the past 32 years, she has gone on to work or deliver training, in a variety of roles in public organizations, schools & nurseries, therapeutic settings and with family based charities.  These roles include but are not limited to, Youth Work (at Risk/Vulnerable Children and Adolescents, in low resource and urban areas) and Residential Treatment Support Work for children in residential care.
Sarah contracts as a Court Ordered Class Facilitator for NCTI (National Curriculum & Training Institute).  She has worked as a Family Social Worker/Child Family Educator with Early Head Start, Sarah was Student Support Coordinator, responsible for SEL, Behavior and Academic support (and individual educational/behavioral plans), in a private school with 650 students, K-8th Grade.  She was a member of the school leadership team and introduced and integrated Restorative Practices, Orton Gillingham and elements of Responsive Schools into the school.   Sarah was also an English Teacher for 4th Grade classes and substitute teacher to grades K-8th when required.   

Qualifications:  Sarah holds a BA Honors Degree in Early Childhood Studies.   She is also a Certified Parent Coach and is an experienced Facilitator, familiar with all leading Parent Training Programs (How to Talk So Children Listen & Listen so they Talk, Siblings Without Rivalry, Total Transformation, Incredible Years, Love & Logic, etc). Sarah is a Certified Real Colors® Personality Assessment/Communications Tool Facilitator.

Established:  Sarah founded Positive Families in 2002 to offer Award Winning Workshops.   Today, Positive Families LLC offers online and offline strategy sessions, workshops, community groups and courses that positively transform and promote family communication, relationships and wellbeing.   Positive Families LLC empowers and supports parents and all those who live or work with children) to successfully guide children's behavioral, social, emotional and academic development.  Positive Families respects diversity and recognizes every family is unique.   Our mission is to provide information, insights and skills that enable YOU to create the positive, loving and harmonious relationships and home life of your dreams.   

Highly Recommended:  Sarah has been personally recommended and referred by Doctors, Educational Psychologists, Family Court Workers, Family Therapists, Counselors, Head Teachers, Nursery Owners and many other professionals.   Parents and Children also give her glowing testimonials.  She has been featured on Radio and as a regular in Newspapers and Magazines.

Philosophy:    Sarah believes that with some targeted extra information, deeper understandings of fundamental principles and empowering support, parents can overcome the challenges that can arise from time to time, when living or working with children, for themselves.  Likewise, children can take more responsibility for themselves (self governance/autonomy) and reach their fullest potentials to learn and develop successfully in all areas - social, emotional, personal, behavioral, academic.     

Dedicated & Committed:   Sarah is 100% committed to helping you achieve your own parenting and relationship goals in order to create the home and family life or work life that you dream of.
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