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Raise happy, healthy  children. Improve behavior.  Parent effectively & successfully.  

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What does Positive Families offer?   Zoom Online Workshops, Real Colors Assessment + Skills Sessions and Training and Talks (for businesses, schools & organizations). Positive Families shares temperament assessments, communication skills, parenting skills & support that empower you to successfully guide your children's behavioral, social, emotional and academic development.   Create the optimum environment, in which your family or children in your care will thrive.

Who can benefit?   Parents of all kinds - Grandparents, Step Parents, Single Parents, Foster Parents, Legal Guardians.  Childcare Professionals - Teachers, Nannies,  Family/Child Support Workers, Babysitters.  Business Leaders, Non Profit Teams and Employees.



Happy Family
Braid for School
Family Picnic
Award Winning Workshops

Award Winning workshop programs based on Elaine Mazlish and Adele Faber's best selling parenting books.  These workshops have won the enthusiastic praise of parents and professionals worldwide. The author's practical, down-to-earth methods give adults the know-how they need to create relationships with children of all ages -- from tots to teens -- that are less stressful and far more rewarding.

Now available Online via Zoom!

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